Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash for PEN Cameras

This flash is an excellent companion for Olympus PEN cameras.  It is powerful enough to be used as a bounce flash with a ceiling height of 9ft.  The built-in flash on PEN cameras has a very limited usage due to its small size and the position.  Often times, long lenses or lens hood obstruct the light from the flash, casting shadows in the photo image.  Directly pointing the flash results in harsh and flattened image of people and objects.  FL-300R is surprisingly light and portable as well.

It offers four positions when mounted on a camera; 1. normal 2. bounce 3. macro 4 fold down for carry.   In the fold down position, the unit turns off automatically.  Recharge time was reasonably good, and I was able to shoot in the burst mode of PEN EP-3.

As the name indicates, it also works as wireless flash.  In fact, it worked very reliably when tested with PEN EP-3. This is a must have item if you want to shoot indoors with great results.

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Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash for PEN Cameras Reviewed by Brandon on 2/01/2013 Rating: 5

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Brandon said...

It's on same for for $115.94 at Amazon. Click on the link above to check it out. It's $139 at all other major online sellers.

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