Benefits of Micro Four Thirds Camera Format

 The Micro Four Thirds System standard maintains the Four Thirds System concept of "High-picture quality digital-dedicated design," but focuses on reducing overall system thickness and size by aiming for a highly portable compact system.

The Micro Four Thirds System also embodies our ongoing efforts to expand the Four Thirds System-based standards to meet future needs such as movie compatibility, to improve the comfort of Live View shooting and to increase the usability of existing Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses.

Wouldn't it be something if a single camera the size of highly portable compact camera could record both still images and movies with the high picture quality befitting an SLR?

This dream can become reality with the Micro Four Thirds System standard.

Soon users will be able to switch easily between shooting still images and movies using natural, intuitive operations while keeping the useful Live View on the monitor screen.

To make full use of the advantages of size reduction and new functions of the Micro Four Thirds System standard, it is necessary to combine a dedicated Micro Four Thirds System lens with the body. But existing lenses compliant to the Four Thirds System standard can also be used by attaching a dedicated adapter.
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