Olympus PEN E-P3 vs E-P5 - Is It Significantly Better?

So how much Olympus latest flagship PEN series camera, E-P5, improved over outstanding E-P3 model?

First all all, E-P5 comes in three color choices just like E-P3: Black, White and Silver, and the exterior design has not been changed much at all even though it features a lot more external controls.

New Features:

Mini OM-D:  same 16MP Image Sensor and 5-Axis IBIS (further optimized for panning shots)
New shutter mechanism, high shutter speed 1/8000sec
Low ISO Setting (Equivalent ISO100)
2x2 Dial Controls
Built in Wi-Fi functions
Focus Peaking
New Tilting LCD Screen
Supports Updated Viewfinder Accessories

Shutter Mechanism

The shutter speed now goes all the way to 1/8000 sec which is significantly improved over E-P3's 1/4000 sec which used to be the across the board limit on all other m43 cameras.  This update gives adavanced photographers a whole lot new possibilities and flexibility, working under bright lights and two stop advantage in exposure.

2x2 Dial Control

E-P5 comes with standard dual dial controls as it should like most other professional level DSLRs.  It is almost identical to the design of OM-D, and fully customizable with a addition of quick switch.  This is a huge plus for any enthusiasts and advanced users as it allows them to change setting without going into the on-screen menu.

New Tilting LCD Screen

Finally, E-P5 comes with a tilting LCD screen.  This is a must have feature as almost all the competing models at this price range include this feature nowadays.  Olympus did the right thing by utilizing a super fine LCD with whopping 1037k dot resolution housed in a super thin frame.  The color balance is also superior to other cameras, and the tilting mechanism works flawlessly.

The LCD screen on E-P5 was designed to work in conjunction with the newly released Electronic Viewfinder VF-4, which is an essential upgrade over the VF-2 or VF-3. The main problems with Olympus OM-D E-M5’s electronic viewfinder, together with Sony’s NEX and DSLT system is the variance of color balance between the EVF and the LCD monitors, and this is not the case with EP-5's LCD screen and VF-4 combo.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Another welcomed addtition is the built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to forego 3rd party solutions.  Registering a device with the camera is a breeze using a QR Code instead of typing long password.  You can even specify which images to be transferred instead of downloading everything you shoot with the camera.

Olympus E-P5 is a truly amazing camera as the company really seem to be listening to the users and knows which features have the highest demand.  

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