Polaroid is Feeling the Heat for False Advertising of iM1836 Camera

Sakar, the manufacturer of Polaroid brand cameras was sued by Nikon for infringing on its design of Nikon 1 series of mirrorless cameras.  Now, the company finds itself in even bigger problem.

Apparently, consumers are finding out that iM1836 is not Micro Four Thirds format camera as Sakar has been advertising it as the "First Android based compact MFT camera".  So what did they mean by "compact MFT"?  They thought MFT is a synonym of mirrorless interchangeable camera, perhaps.

What's so hilarious about this camera is that the camera body does not even contain an image sensor; shockingly the sensor is mounted inside the lens.

Micro Four Thirds is a standard created by Olympus and Panasonic for digital cameras. Without getting too much into technicalities, just know that official Micro Four Thirds cameras share the same size image sensor and lens mounts.

In other words, any Micro Four Thirds lens is going to work on any Micro Four Thirds camera. The MFT standard isn’t as wide open as something like Android, so other companies can’t claim their products are MFT if they aren’t. That’s the mistake Polaroid made.

If anyone bought the camera thinking that the camera will snap nice photos using their MFT format lenses, return the camera as soon as possible for a full refund.

It's hard to give a benefit of the doubt when the company owns Vivitar and Kodak brand in addition to Polariod.

So what were they thinking?  iM1836 seems to be pulled off the market a few days ago.  This is going to leave a huge negative impact on the company's reputation if they had any.
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