The First White Camera from Canon is Compact DSLR, EOS X7/SL1

Canon Japan announced EOS X7/SL1 in white-grey which is basically another version of the Canon EOS100D, the smallest DLR in the world.

It is the first white camera ever produced by Canon is complemented by 18-55mm STM and 40mm f/2.8 STM lens with a matching color scheme.

This little camera could find its place in handbags and could possibly appeal more to women, simply because it takes great pictures and looks cute.

Canon Watch reported that Dicahub did a size comparison of the teaser image and the SL1 and T5i, where it looks like the DSLR is about the same size as the SL1. So, we may see a follow-up coming out soon.

Just a few days ago, Canon Korea released a new teaser for a camera in an ad showing what seemed to be a DSLR under a white cloth that was semi-see through. PetaPixel also noted that Japan has added to the big tease that the Koreans have started, where Canon Japan has released a video about the same camera.

White colored DSLR probably wouldn't be popular in the U.S., but may attract enough buyers in Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan.

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