SONY RX10 is the Best All-in-one Bridge Camera

Sony's latest offering RX10 is basically the king of bridge cameras.  Although it is pricey for a non interchangeable lens cameras with a smaller sensor, it stands on it own when you compare it to any other bridge camera in the market.

First, it features 24-200mm equivalent f/2.8 constant aperture zoom lens.  For those with DSL gears know what that translates to in terms of size.  RX10 image sensor, even though a little smaller than MFT sensor, is the largest among compact bridge cameras as well.

It's somewhat misleading from the picture above, RX10 is still much smaller than SLR rivals and even mirrorless system cameras if you factor in lens.  In order to match the focal length range covered by RX 10, you will have to carry 2 to 3 lenses in a bag.  Panasonic's tiny MFT camera, GM1 is the only camera that comes close to matching the portability offered by RX10 but without the weather sealing.

The Sony RX10 might be a lot more expensive than its bridge camera rivals, but it's in a totally different league when it comes to image quality. Panasonic's Lumix FZ200, for instance, also have constant-aperture f/2.8 zooms but the sensor in the Sony RX10 has four times the area of that in the Panasonic.  That difference is clearly evident when you look at the image outputs produced by RX10.

Camera Labs has some great sample images of Sony RX10 - view sample images.

View the lowest price: Sony DSCRX10/B Cybershot 20.2 MP Digital Still Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen

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