Canon G1 X Mark II is a Competent Compact Camera with a Fast Lens

Canon once was a undisputed king of professional camera gear.  It's not that they have been left out of the race in that regard, but they surely have fallen behind in high-end compact camera sector for many years.  It seems Canon is trying to make a great comeback with its latest G1 X Mark II.

This is Canon's second attempt after the original G1 X failed to get much attention in the crowded niche with the likes of Sony's RX100 and excellent offering from Fuji and others.  G1 X's fairly large imaging sensor at 1.5-inch which falls somewhere between APS-C and Micro Four Thirds has been newly developed to achieve optimal performance at both low and high end of the ISO range it support.

Another strong point of this new camera is the lens with fast aperture of f/2.0 - 3.9 and a decent range with its equivalent focal length at 24-120mm.  It's definitely not for those who need longer zoom level, but fantastic gear for street and indoor shooting situations.

For further details, check out the official press release from Canon.
Canon G1 X Mark II is a Competent Compact Camera with a Fast Lens Reviewed by Brandon on 2/14/2014 Rating: 5

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