Olympus Latest Patent for Ultra Fast 12mm and 14mm Lenses

Is Olympus working on ultra high performance Micro Four Thirds prime lenses?  It seems that may be highly likely according to the leaked images of the patent filed by Olympus for 12mm f/1.0 and 14mm f/1.0.

The 12mm f/1.0 is particularly noteworthy because it will become a record setting lens as the fastest ultra-wide angle autofocus lens.  It's still far away from knowing if this lens will actually hit the production line.  So far, anything that comes close to it is Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 without autofocus feature.

There supposedly two other Micro Four Thirds lenses included in the patent filing with aperture rating slightly over f/1.0.

According to Egami, Japanese engineering blog who uncovered these information, all four lenses will have significant distortion and chromatic aberration in exchange for the super bright aperture.

Stay tuned for more update on new lens development by Olympus.

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