Fujifilm Files Patent for 85-300mm f/2.7-3.7 Zoom Lens

Fujifilm has been buy rolling out fantastic new interchangeable camera bodies recently, and it looks like the company is getting ready to produce a uniquely designed X-mount zoom lens.

According to the sketch leaked sketch filed for a patent, it's got 85-300mm focal range with quite respectable f/2.7 - 3.7 aperture range.

Fujifilm already boast pretty good collection of X-mount lenses composed of primes and zooms in various categories, ranging from the ultra-wide angle end up to the long telephoto.  However, the company probably feels urgency to fill the gaps in order to compete with other interchangeable systems with much more extensive set of lenses such as Micro Four Thirds.

This news lens will be categories under 'super-telephoto zoom,' is planned for late 2014 or early 2015.

Mirrorless Rumors has uncovered a recent Fujifilm patent, which describes an 85-300mm f/2.7-3.7 super-telephoto zoom lens. If this is the same as one that Fuji Rumors heard about, and the one mentioned in the lens roadmap, then there's a chance that by the end of the year, users of the X-system will get a 127.5-450mm equivalent lens with an exceptionally fast initial aperture.

The actual production lens when it does get finalized, could have slightly different specs than the patented version which is not uncommon in the industry.  I don't know how many owners of Fujifilm's X-mount camera body would be interested in a such focal range.  It will be useful for most outdoor nature photographers but that crowds tends to favor full size DSLRs.  We will have to see if the lens will be priced within the reach of armature photographers.
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