Panasonic Unveils Ultra HD 4K/30p Action Camera

GoPro must be feeling the heat this year as more companies join the action cam market.  As we reported just earlier, Kodak has announced a series of unique action cam products to be released later this year.

And now, the electronics giant Panasonic announced new kind of action cam with an over-the-top image resolution.  Panasonic is in love with 4K (Ultra HD) resolution as the company keeps rolling out new products supporting the highest available industry standard resolution.

The 4K/25p video resolution provides four times the resolution of Full HD, making the captured video looking so much more realistic.

Other shooting options include gnarly Levelling Correction to automatically straighten tilted videos; rad Image Stabilisation function to cut down on blur as you're bumping and bouncing across track or piste; and sick slow motion at 200 frames per second, 100 fps in 720p, or 50fps in full HD.

So what else is so special about this new action cam besides the incredibly high resolution?

First of all, the camera is waterproof up to 10 feet under the water for 30 minutes.  The lens in this action cam offers an ultra-wide angle of view, up to 160 degrees.

The tiny video camera features built-in Wi-Fi and NFC to connect to a any device that supports them such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

The A500 features a two-piece setup with the lens unit separate by a thin cable.  This type of design allows for easily mounting the lens at face level for hands-free shooting and greater comfort.  The main unit includes a built-in LCD monitor.

The camera is equipped with a high-quality low-light capable sensor sized at 1/2.3-inch with backside illumination to allow the users to capture actions scenes in indoors, at night, or in dimly lit conditions.

It sounds like it will be a big hit once it hit when it becomes available in the beginning of July 2014.

Panasonic Unveils Ultra HD 4K/30p Action Camera Reviewed by Brandon on 3/25/2014 Rating: 5

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