The Smallest MFT Camera, Panasonic GM1 Outperforms Bigger Rivals

Did you know that the tiniest Micro Four Thirds system camera from Panasonic uses upgraded sensor over the benchmark setting Olympus OM-D EM-5?  Olympus since has outdone the fantastic performer with it's latest flagship, OM-D EM-1 which currently stands as the king of MFT camera in still image quality.  If the video quality is what matter to you, Panasonic's GH4 is the new champ with its 4K format.

So what makes the GM1 excel in the picture IQ quality? Panasonic claims that the GM1 uses the same sensor as the GX7 which is often compared to EM-1 for its outstanding image quality.  However, GM1 IQ falls somewhat short of GX7 according to the DXOLab's test results.

M43photo has also done a comparison between GM1 and GH3 (uses the same Sony sensor as EM-5) in which GM1 came out slightly ahead.

So regardless of which sensor GM1 uses, it ranks right below the flagship cameras from both Olympus and Panasonic which costs a whole lot more and larger in size.  That's a great news for those who are looking for an excellent travel camera that can easily fit in a pocket or a small bag with a few tiny MFT lenses.

Considering GM1's price which is slightly discounted below $700, it is one of the best bargain.  Cameras from Fuji, Sony and Nikon with similar form-factor and specification typically costs over $1000 with a kit lens.

Panasonic GH3 vs GM1 comparison test at m43photo - Link

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The Smallest MFT Camera, Panasonic GM1 Outperforms Bigger Rivals Reviewed by Brandon on 3/31/2014 Rating: 5

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