Is Fuji Going FF with the Successor of X-Pro 1?

The next big thing from Fuji has been rumored to be the successor of X-Pro 1 named X-Pro 1S.  It seems that plan may have been scraped off.  The latest rumor points to a possible FF (full-frame) version as the new successor.  It will also likely be named X-Pro 2.

Is it that Fuji is feeling the heat from Sony's success with a7R and a7?  Sony a7R was a technological marvel and has won many awards such as "camera of the year" in 2013. Fuji should know well that the mirrorless full frame interchangeable lens camera could be such a lucritive sector to be in right now as there aren't much competition right now.

Fuji as one of the technology leader in the industry, was able to develop X-Pro 1 with APS-C sensor with IQ rivaling many of the traditional FF DSLRs.

If the rumor turns out to be true, the new camera will be the biggest challenger to Sony a7R.  One unique advantage Sony provides to their users is the interchangeability of lenses between their APS-C based body with FF body camera such as a7R.  That was in fact such as crucial achievement for the company since Sony does not enjoy huge collection of lenses like Canon, Nikon and even MFT system cameras.

According to the source of the rumor, Fuji is not working on a mount/approach similar to Sony’s which means Fuji FF users will be left with limited lens choices for a quiet long time. About 3-5 New FF Fujinon lenses will be offered and rest will be costly Leica lenses via a detachable mount.

Stay tuned for more updates..

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