Lytro Unveils the Next Generation Light-field Camera

Lytro has been working hard for the past three years to develop a much more powerful light-field camera since the company made a big splash with the first-of-its-kind camera.

The Lytro Illum is a light-field camera, allowing you to adjust focus, perspective and depth of field in an image you've already snapped. How cool is that?  You don't have to worry about missing a focus or even try to decide where to put focus, instead just focus on framing.

It works by absorbing and recording all the information that comes through the lens, then creating pictures that can be altered later by simply tapping on the spot you want to be pin-sharp and in focus.

The first version of Lytro Light Field Camera was a small cube-shaped thing that really looked like a toy. The Illum, by contrast, looks like a serious equipment sent in from the future or dropped from an alien ship.  It does feature good-sized screen and a more familiar grip.

The biggest downside for Illum is the price which is set at $1,600.  It's currently available for pre-order at the company's website,

Lytro Unveils the Next Generation Light-field Camera Reviewed by Brandon on 4/22/2014 Rating: 5

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