Best Bargain Macro Arm LED Lights - JJC LED-2

JJC known for budget camera accessories with high quality has developed this awesome double arm macro LED light kit that works with most DSLR cameras including MFT cameras from Olympus and Panasonic.

It looks almost identical to Olympus MAL-1 Macro Arm Light which is priced at about three times higher.  I'm sure the quality or the performance of JJC version is not quite as good as the Olympus unit, but it's perfect for taking snapshots for Internet auction photos.

Product Features

  • LED-2M Macro Arm Light (DSLR Camera)
  • For Use With DSLR Camera. Lighting for Close-Up Macro Photos.
  • 8 Steps Brightness 2 Flexible 9.06" (23cm) LED Lamps
  • 2x 3v CR2025 Lithium Battery Perfect for Internet Auction Pictures
  • Improves DSLR Camera Macro Photos
Video Review on YouTube

View the lowest price deal - $17.99 + Free Shipping
Best Bargain Macro Arm LED Lights - JJC LED-2 Reviewed by Brandon on 5/07/2014 Rating: 5

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