Olympus Announces a Pill Camera - ENDOCAPSULE 10 System

Olympus proves to be more than just consumer camera maker with the introduction of tiny pill camera, a swallowable electronics, for imaging the small intestine.

After swallowing, the patient wears a special antenna belt around the abdomen that receives the wireless video signal from the pill. The video is displayed on a matching device that’s used to manipulate the pill.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 system Olympus ENDOCAPSULE 10 System, A Camera Pill for Improved Visualization of Small IntestineThe new system improves on previous Olympus models by providing a larger field of view (160°), a 12 hour battery life, and the antenna belt can now be worn over clothes rather than having to be applied to the skin as before.

From the press release:

Intelligent software built into the system simplifies the reading and analysis of the captured imagery, automatically detects images that require closer inspection and indicates where each thumbnail image was captured to determine location of any detected abnormalities.  A 3D tracking function allows the system to display the capsule position inside the body to check its progress as it moves through the intestine.

In addition to improvements in the imaging and software technologies, the system also features improvements that increase ease of use for clinicians and patients. The recorder unit is now lighter, more compact and more comfortable to wear with an improved harness and an antenna that can be worn over clothes rather than applied directly to the skin. The recorder allows quick initialization by the clinician and allows image to be viewed in real time or via download later to the system’s workstation.

Do you want to read more about the technology?  Link
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