Olympus OM-D E-M1 and M.Zuiko 12-40 Pro Zoom Under $1800!

Are you in the market for a new camera?  Whether you are already into Micro Four Thirds system or not, you have probably heard that Olympus OM-D E-M1 is the king of the hill in its segment, especially when combined with 12-40mm pro zoom lens.

The combination is simply the best you can have in compact system camera period.  Both the camera and the lens are weather sealed (dust, water and weather proof), and produces images that are just as good as full sized DSLR counterparts.

For those of you in the U.S. and many other parts of the world, you currently have to buy the camera and lens separately which will cost you around $2,300.

This week I have finally pulled the trigger and bought the combo kit from overseas seller (Korea) for under $1,800 including expedited shipping.  That's over $500 in savings!  The most shocking part is the deliver time.   I place the order on Sunday night and received the packaged on Tuesday morning.

The package came with Olympus Worldwide Warranty card which I have successfully registered at the Olympus U.S website.  I have even got the confirmation from Olympus shortly after.

The camera is identical to the version sold in the U.S.  The only thing I noticed is that the video setting defaulted to PAL instead of NTSC.  You can simply change that with a few clicks.

So if you were not sure about ordering international version of Olympus camera, do not worry as long as you buy it from a reputable seller.  I bought mine through D-Solution, and there are few other sellers with high rating.

Follow the link below to find out more about the deal.  I don't know how long this deal will last and the quantities are limited so hurry!

Also, check out my Facebook page.  I will be updating it with more photos taken with this amazing camera!

Olympus OM-D E-M1 and M.Zuiko 12-40 Pro Zoom Under $1800! Reviewed by Brandon on 7/20/2014 Rating: 5

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