Sony and Mamiya Working on Medium Format Rangefinder Style Camera

So what is exactly a medium format camera when it comes to digital cameras specifically?

Wikipedia definition:

In digital photography, medium format refers either to cameras adapted from medium format film photography uses, or to cameras making use of sensors larger than that of a 35 mm film frame. Often, medium format film cameras can be retrofitted with digital camera backs, converting them to digital cameras, but some of these digital backs, especially early models, use sensors smaller than a 35 mm film frame. As of 2013, medium format digital photography sensors were available in sizes of up to 40.3 by 53.7 mm, with 60 million pixels for use with commonly available professional medium format cameras. Sensors used in special applications such as spy satellites can be even larger, but are not necessarily described as medium format equipment.

So the definition of medium format camera is not precise with Micro Four Thirds or Full Frame.
The one that is rumored to be released by Sony and Mamiya is said to be unlike any existing digital medium cameras in the market.

One great news, if found to be true, is that the estimated price of this unknown model is expected to be lower than most medium format available today.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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