The Biggest Super Pro Telephoto Zoom Lens for MFT

At a first glance, Olympus 40-150mm Pro Zoom lens does not look like any ordinary lens.  This lens recently announced by Olympus really takes MFT system to the next level, offering superior optics in the long telephoto range with a fixed aperture at f/2.8.

Boasting a versatile 80-300mm-equivalent focal length range with a rugged, all-metal build with proper  weather sealing (splashproof, freezeproof and dustproof), the 40-150mm Pro lens can be a serious companion for OM-D and other Micro Four Thirds cameras.

It is not cheap when compared to most other MFT native lenses, but it is not overpriced in any way if you consider the performance and lenses at similar level from other interchangeable lens systems.  However, it does make Olympus standard kit zoom with the same local range priced at about 1/10, a biggest bargain.

The 40-150mm Pro Zoom is also one of the largest if not the largest lens for MFT.  But take a look at the comparison photo below to see why MFT is growing in popularity among professional photographers.

The lenses compared are the Canon 600mm f/4L, Nikkor 600mm f/4G, and Olympus 300mm f/4. Once you take the crop factor into account, all of them offer the same focal length at the same aperture. The Olympus in the center looks like a baby sized lens standing next to two Goliath sized equipment.

The Olympus 40-150mm Pro Zoom is currently available for pre-order.  Early sample images looks stunning.  If you are really into nature photography, this is a must have lens in my opinion.  Well, that is if you got a deep pocket to shell out about $1,500.

See image samples - Link

The Biggest Super Pro Telephoto Zoom Lens for MFT Reviewed by Brandon on 10/20/2014 Rating: 5

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