Parrot Bebop Drone - Incredible Aerial View in Full HD

Parrot, the maker of hugely popular AR.Drone is back with more powerful and more sophisticated flying machine that can capture high quality full HD video, name Parrot Bebop

If you own one of the Olympus camera with built-in optical image stabilization, you know what kind of wonders it can do to your video footage.  Bebop is now equipped with 3-axis stabilization similar to the one used in Olympus PEN series camera.  It's not quiet as good as the 5-axis technology used in Olympus OM-D series, but it does work wonderfully looking at the test footage recorded.

The Bebop also features 8-meter ultrasound sensor and a pressure sensor.  The ultrasound sensor can detect flight height.

The long list of high tech sensors with fast CPU works flawlessly creating one incredibly measurable and smooth flying drone that can capture video clips that looks to be as good as what you see in the latest documentary or movies.

Another surprising part is its price.  At $500, it's considerably more than its predecessor, but I was expecting it to be closer to $1,000 before the official price as announced.

There also a whole line of accessories that work with Bebop to enhance its control interface and viewing experience.
Parrot Bebop Drone - Incredible Aerial View in Full HD Reviewed by Brandon on 12/13/2014 Rating: 5

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