Download Olympus Stylus 1 Firmware Version 2.0

Olympus Stylus 1 bares traditional DSLR like form factor, but it is a compact high performing camera featuring bright zoom lens among other high end features not found in many of its competitor's models.

Olympus has released much waited firmware version 2.0 with exciting new features such as focus peaking, time lapse, remote shutter-release through OI.Share software.

With the updated firmware, you can now move between focal lengths in steps using a feature named, "Step Zoom".  The 35mm equivalent value for the focal length is displayed in the viewfinder, greatly improving usability for advanced shooters.

If you are a manual focus shooter, you will great appreciate the addition of focus peaking function.  AF focus has also been improved with this firmware.

One of the greatest addition in my opinion is the compatibility with the WCON-08X wide-angle converter. When you couple it with the CLA-14 adapter, it can be connected to the Stylus 1 to capture shots in extra wide 22.4mm, maintaining the f/2.8 max aperture of the 28-300mm lens.
Lastly, the upgrade also adds new Interval Shooting feature, allowing the owners to take up to 999 shots at intervals of 1 second to 24 hours.  You can capture spectacular phenomena like the movement of stars using this function.

You can download Olympus Digital Camera Updater to load the latest firmware on your camera.
Download Olympus Stylus 1 Firmware Version 2.0 Reviewed by Brandon on 1/19/2015 Rating: 5

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