Monster Lens Camera by Olympus Spotted

Meet the "Olympus Air".  This is one hack of "lens camera" that won't be outdone by Sony anytime soon.  Sony was the pioneer of production worthy lens camera, the QX series, which is basically a fully functional camera minus screen and buttons.  In fact, these so called lens cameras practically look like a lens rather than a camera.

Now, Olympus finally released production version of "Olympus Air", featuring 16-megapixel Live MOS censor, the same variety found in the company's Micro Four Thirds line-up.

The Olympus is marketing this incredible product as an open-platform camera whereas Sony's QX series requires dedicated app to control the camera.  It's like Android vs Apple!

The setup shown in the photo above was a demonstration by Olympus to showcase what this platform is capable of.  The Olympus Air is in fact a interchangeable lens camera even though it lacks screen and camera body.  This allows you to mount any pro series made for native MFT format or via MFT adapter.


The funky looking device mounted on the hot shoe is Olympus' eagle-eye dot-site viewfinder which projects a target onto a semi-transparent mirror below the flash.

The Olympus Air is only available in Japan as of now, but it will soon be available in other countries.  Hopefully, there will be other apps providing additional functions when the camera is available for sale.

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