Olympus OM-D E-M1 Firmware Update History (V1.1 - V3.0)

Ver.3.0 (Feb.24 2015)

  • AF tracking during C-AF continuous shooting in continuous shooting H mode is supported.
    Previously, in continuous shooting L mode 6.5 frames per second was possible, but now taking a maximum of 9 frames per second in continuous shooting H mode is possible.
    • * We recommend setting C-AF Lock as standard when using C-AF.
  • OI.Share Ver. 2.5 is supported.
    Live view display when shooting movies is possible.

Ver.2.2 (Nov.20 2014)

  • The issue in firmware version 2.0 and 2.1 where bright points appear in some images has been resolved.

Ver.2.1 (Nov.13 2014)

  • Precision of AF when M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens is mounted has been improved.

Ver.2.0 (Sep.16 2014)

8 new functions have been added:

  • Keystone Compensation (Digital Shift)
  • Tethered Shooting System (OLYMPUS capture)
  • Live Composite photography
  • Zoom In/Out and Layout have been added to Photo Story. Save (complete partway through), Temporary Save, and Resume functions have been added to Photo Story mode.
  • Vintage and Partial color have been added to art filter.
  • Old film effect has been added to movie effect.
  • The Aperture Lock function has been added to Aperture Preview.
  • The Panning Shot Shooting mode has been added to SCN mode.

16 operability improvements:

  • Image display time lag: 16 msec (when frame rate setting is high)
  • Multiple simultaneous settings are now available in Live Guide.
  • Exposure compensation (±3 EV) is now available in HDR 1/HDR2 shooting.
  • A function was added to cancel Color Creator and return to the original Picture Mode by pressing the MENU button when using Color Creator function.
  • Even when Art Filter is set for the Picture Mode in movie shooting, the Movie Tele-converter can now be used.
  • AF function for each frame was added to Custom Self Timer. In Drive Mode's Custom Self Timer settings, you can now press the INFO button to change settings.
  • MF Assist is now supported in magnified frame position.
  • 3x has been added to high resolution magnified Live View.
  • The Peaking display frame rate has been improved.
  • Electronic zoom speed setting function was added. An icon appears on the LCD monitor when using the Olympus zoom lens.
  • When the arrow pad is set to Direct function, the Underwater/Underwater macro functions can be used with the left and down button on the arrow pad.
  • Double tap is now supported in touch operations on the Super Control Panel.
  • The level gauge and histogram can now be displayed during magnified frame display. The Touch Off icon was added to magnified frame display.
  • A function was added so that shooting information recorded in HDR1/HDR2 can be viewed in the playback screen. Information on composited number of shots for images recorded with Live Composite was added.
  • Short-cut access is now supported for Live Composite, Live Bulb, and Live Time setting menus.
  • When the BKT button is pressed for seconds, the BKT menu now appears.


  • OI.Share version 2.4 is supported.

Ver.1.4 (May.21 2014)

  • AF response when using four thirds lenses has been improved.
  • Stabilization of shooting in C-AF has been improved.
  • Shooting images when using the remote control function of the smart phone application "OLYMPUS Image Share" now supports Art Filter, custom self timer, zoom operation when using the electric zoom, Digital Tele-converter, and Release mode.
    • * It is necessary to update to the latest version of OLYMPUS Image Share.

Ver.1.3 (Mar.31 2014)

  • Dynamic range has been expanded when using the external mic. The sound level adjustment has been changed to adjust to 21 levels in accordance with this.
    A function to turn the Volume Limiter on and off was added.
    • * When it is on, it automatically limits the mic input volume if sound input volume exceeds the designated level.
  • A 0 second setting has been added to Anti-Shock mode.
  • The camera operation when the Frame Rate of live view is [High] has been improved.

Ver.1.1 (Nov. 28 2013)

  • Compensation for chromatic aberration is supported when using the E-M1 and Panasonic’s LUMIX G VARIO 14-140mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH./POWER O.I.S. (H-FS14140) together.
  • Stabilization of shooting in the Sports mode and Children mode of the SCN mode or C-AF has been improved.
  • Live bulb image quality while noise reduction is on has been improved.
  • Improved AF operation.
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