Olympus OM-D E-M1 Finally Getting 4K and 24P via Firmware 4.0

Olympus just announced firmware v4.0 its flagship mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, OM-D E-M1.  In fact, Olympus is calling it Feature Update 4.0 rather than a firmware because the update is packed with amazing new technologies.  It is a firmware on steroid, and will be transforming the camera into a brand new model.

In fact, a good portion of the added features are carried down from newer models such as OM-D E-M10 Mk II and OM-D E-M5 Mk II.

I'm so excited about this upcoming Feature Update 4.0.  For one, I own the camera, and Olympus really put their best efforts to include feature that most owners been awaiting for so long.

Let start with 4K video capability.  The official announcement calls it "4K Time Lapse Video".  So we probably won't be able to shoot 4k in normal speed.  I'm hoping that the 4K mode is added to video capture across the board.

Another surprising addition is Support for 24p (23.98p)/25p Frame Rate for video.  Many thought this would never come to E-M1 since Olympus is probably working on the next generation of the flagship model.

Oh, here is one such a powerful function that you won't see in any other Olympus camera.  It's called "Focus Stacking Mode".

Focus Stacking Mode let you shoot macro photos that are completely in focus at all depths. A single press of the shutter button captures 8 shots with different focal positions, automatically merging them into a single shot on the camera. Depth of field larger than that of minimum aperture and high resolution without diffraction can be achieved.

Focus Bracketing Mode is also being added. This function captures up to 999 shots with the focus position for each shot being changed, allowing you to use photo retouching software to merge the images with larger depth of field that cannot be achieved in focus stacking mode (8 shots).

For those who love to fire up the burst mode, but hates the noise of the shutter, Olympus has a solution for you.  "Slient Mode" will allow you to capture 11 fps with absolutely no shutter sound.

The EVF function is also being upgraded.  S-OVF (Simulated OVF) will enables a view that is similar to that of an optical viewfinder. Exposure compensation and white balance are purposely not shown in S-OVF so that users who are comfortable with the optical viewfinder in DSLR cameras can use the camera in the exact same way.

Here is the full list of what will be included in OM-D E-M1 Feature Update 4.0.  It is expected to be available sometime in late November 2015, along with firmware updates for M.Zuiko Pro and Premium lenses. Aperture drive has been improved for smooth exposure control even when shooting movies in situations with sudden changes in brightness. It also supports for disabling the MF Clutch and Snapshot Focus.

ver. 4.0
E-M5 Mark II
ver. 2.0
E-M10 Mark II
NewFocus Stacking Mode*1--
Focus Bracketing Mode*2Already available
Advanced Focus Peaking (4 colors)*3Already availableAlready available
Silent Mode (electronic shutter)*4Already availableAlready available
Improved Anti-Shock Mode*5Already availableAlready available
NewSupport for Advanced Olympus Capture Ver. 1.1*6-
S-OVF (Simulated OVF)Already available
4K Time Lapse MovieAlready available
Support for Live Composite on OI. ShareAlready available
NewMF Clutch and Snapshot Focus Disable*7-
Menu Cursor Position MemoryAlready availableAlready available
Movie image stabilization with 5-axis IS and digital IS (M-IS1 and M-IS2 supported)Already availableAlready available
Support for 24p (23.98p)/25p Frame RateAlready availableAlready available
Movie Info DisplayAlready availableAlready available
Movie Rec Start with Release Cable (RM-UC1)Already availableAlready available
Support for Time Code SettingAlready availableAlready available
NewGenerate Slate Tone*8-
NewSynchronized linear PCM Audio Rec*8 with Movie Rec*8-
NewMovie-Exclusive Picture Mode: Flat / Noise Filter for video shooting--
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Finally Getting 4K and 24P via Firmware 4.0 Reviewed by Brandon on 9/15/2015 Rating: 5

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