Make Your Own Olympus Camera and Lens

Ok, we are not talking about real camera or lens you can take a picture with.  But this can be a little fun project for yourself or for the kids on a weekend.

Olympus created a special family-friendly webpage for those who wants to build pretty realistic looking cameras and lens out of paper.  It's called, "Olympus Papercraft".  It even features one of their latest mirrorless camera model, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II.

You will also find the PEN F, the OM-2, and the OM-1 film cameras, as well as a variety of lenses.
If you dig more modern camera, you can try building PEN E-PL7 and the OM-D E-M10.

Two lens models from the past can be found as well: ZUIKO MACRO 90mm F2 and ZUIKO 200mm F5.

Here is the partial view of the downloadable PDF:

Go to Olympus Papercraft page - Link
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