Olympus PEN-F Micro Four Thirds Camera Coming Soon?

It looks like Olympus is working on adding another high-end model to their Micro Four Third system camera line-up.

digicame-info recently released what appears to be photo sent in by someone depicting a brand new product model called, PEN-F.

The original PEN-F was a half-frame 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lenses produced between 1963-1966.

The post at digicame-info was written in Japanese so I ran it through Google translator.  It's not perfect but comprehensible for sure:

From the direction of the reader, we have to provide an image of the Olympus of the new m4/3 camera "PEN-F".
PEN-F of the image is the state in which optional grip is installed. PEN-F specs I do not know yet, but because with a viewing window of the finder on the edge of the body, the EVF is being built is a mistake that seems.
PEN-F, the operating system, such as a dial arrangement, it seems to be quite changed from E-P5. This is where things like the front of the dial to be worried about what it is.

Some rumors also suggest that this model could feature 20MP sensor but that's somewhat stretching in my opinion.

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