How to Start Small Business Using Video Equipment

These days when making a living usually dictates relentless tempo upon our lifestyles, most of the people finds very hard to marry their passions with their jobs. If you are interested in shooting and editing videos, the good news is that your passion can very easily become your job. Sure, acquiring the expensive video equipment necessary for your dreams to come to life looks like very intimidating leap of faith, but you should not be too worried – There are more than enough ways to make this investment worthwhile. So, let us see how that video equipment can be put to good use.

Rent the Equipment

Just like that. If you have problems repaying the equipment you have just acquired why you would not rent it and make your debt burden much easier? You will have plenty of time to develop your shooting skills even if you borrow it from time to time. Alternatively, you can invest earned money into more equipment and base your future business entirely on renting. People love making exciting videos with GoPro cameras. Not everyone will be ready to buy one, though.

Shoot Events

And by events we mean birthday parties, weddings, celebrations, etc. Now, we are perfectly aware that there is nothing new about this particular profession, and that competition is probably very dense, but do not forget – The devil is in the detail. So, start with the people you know, and do your best to edit videos as interesting as possible. If your friend, for example, likes Star Wars you can always grace its party video with the iconic George Lucas’ “wipe” transitions. These small things will very quickly put you on the radar.

Shoot the Stock Footage

Stock footage is used everywhere – music videos, movies, newsreels, weather forecasts – It is fairly safe to say that there will always be demand for this kind of footage, so shooting it seems like very good career option. Whether you are going to start your business as a freelancer, or you are going to opt for some stock footage agency is up to you, just make sure that, for the start, you do your research and find out what sells well. Once you establish yourself in the business, you can, for example, buy wildlife camera and devote yourself to shooting nature, or follow some other passion you enjoy more.

Earn Money from YouTube

Most of the people posting videos on YouTube started doing that as a hobby, but soon found themselves earning quite a lot of money. As a matter of fact some of the most popular YouTube celebrities are earning more than $1 million annually. But, let us put these numbers to rest for now. You will first have to steal attention from various minor celebrities, and your video equipment will be your greatest asset. The old face-to-face web-camera format is beaten to death by now.

Become a Freelance Journalist

Freelance journalism is probably the least secure, and the most exciting option on this list. If you are ready to constantly push yourself to the limits, chase exciting stories, invest a lot of time, and a lot of effort, you will be rewarded with equally as exiting life, more than a solid earning, and it the best case, long-term contract with some local, or even national news agency.

As we can see, when there is a will, there is a way, so do not allow your passion for shooting to become the setback in your professional life. Instead, turn it to the valuable asset and start earning by doing something you actually like.
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