The Importance of Strong Online Presence for Photographers

To be is to be percieved. – George Berkley 

These words said by one of the greatest philosophers of the early modern period bear even more significance when it comes to photography. You can be the best photographer there is, but if no one ever sees your pictures, what is that worth? This is a fact, especially in the oversaturated field where everyone is trying to make their way as photographers. Your greatest asset, besides unique and beautiful photos, is a strong online presence. This covers online networking via various photographer communities and building your own portfolio. In the text below we will consider the benefits of such a presence and the best ways to establish it.

Why You Should Have an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is the best way to show your skills to the world and, eventually, land new clients. If you are a freelancer, constantly in search of new gigs, an online resume provides you with the chance to convince visitors to become customers. Nowadays, it is a synonym of professionalism. This kind of unique “brochure” representing your work, is what can prevail in clients deciding between you and some other photographer. Sure, advertising and social media have their benefits which should not be ignored, but a portfolio reflects consistent online presence, and therefore it is more trustworthy. 

How to Make an Online Portfolio

Your portfolio should act as your resume and showcase the breadth of your work. First, it should be well organized according to subjects or themes. Present your work in an easy to navigate manner to show to potential clients that you invested an effort into making it. They will appreciate that level of professionalism. Important elements every portfolio should have are: about page, contact page, testimonials and “hire me” page. You should keep in mind, though, that portfolio is not your external hard drive, so only the best of the best images deserve to be uploaded. Make sure you use a service which enables you to take control over your SEO (search engine optimization). There are many quality portfolio builder sites which will save you the time and effort, while providing satisfactory results. 

Why Networking Is Essential

The perks of successful networking for photographers are too many to be precisely described and they range from gaining referrals, comparing your work, learning from your peers and establishing cooperation to getting new equipment discounts. If you, for instance, love to take pictures of books, you may see how other photographers are doing it and discover a whole new perspective. Networking translates to building a meaningful relationship which can bring a lot of benefits to both parties involved. If you cultivate those relationships it can result in getting valuable contacts and meeting not only photographers, but potential clients as well.

Creating Connections Online

There are thousands, if not millions, of online photography communities, and though you can become a member of many of them, there are only so many where you can be actually committed and active, so choose wisely. Do your research and find the ones where dialog is encouraged and where the free-thinking audience is allowed to comment, so you could really get a complete feedback on your work. Besides the comprehensive communities, you should also focus on the ones dedicated to your specific niche, if you have one (e.g. weddings, nature, wildlife, portraits, etc.). Pay special attention to communities which offer features such as selling your images and competitions which will bring your work more exposure. Equipment reviews can also represent a useful characteristic. Make sure you participate actively in discussions, reviews and critiques, so you could really get the most out of networking.

Though quality and talent should dictate the exposure you will have, we live in an unfair and hasty world. The only way not to lag behind is to jostle your way to the top. So, go for it!

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