Best Drone with HD Camera Under $500

DJI (Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd) is a leader in civilian drone market, and produces some of the highest quality drones with a very reasonable price tag

The model pictured above is DJI Phantom 3 Standard which comes equipped with 2.7K HD camera.  The 2.7K HD is higher resolution than 1080P which has been known as full HD for many many years.

I don't believe you will find any better or reputable drone model with a price tag below $500.  The package also includes an intelligent battery that boasts 25 minutes of flying time, 2 full sets of propellers, radio controller and a 8GB micro SD card.

Key features (especially great for beginners)

  • Auto Hover
  • Safe Flight Limits
  • Automatic Flight Assistant
  • Live GPS
  • Status and Direction Indicators

Buy DJI Phantom 3 Standard at Amazon

Best Drone with HD Camera Under $500 Reviewed by Brandon on 12/09/2016 Rating: 5


Naha Malik said...

I think here is everything for the drone beginner need to know about drones. You have selected best drones Under $500. Drones have become a common sighting nowadays. This article explains some serious concerns related to drone flying. I really like your work.

Unknown said...

I have been using the DJI Mavic Pro, and believe you me it is one of the best drones with HD camera. The shots and videos I have taken are just amazing. Guys you should invest in professional drones. See more here:

Anonymous said...

By using the best drone you can view the best scene of nature and capture these scenes for your memories, the mini air drone can be the best replacements of your camera which can be sue for taking the picture and making the video.

Ken said...

Great collection. I think I will pick one drone to test.

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