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We believe that our blog can benefit from a wide range of authentic opinions from various contributors. On m43Gear, we welcome guest authors to join our conversation about Micro Four Thirds cameras, lens and accessories as well as other topics on camera and photography in general with thought-provoking posts that will serve the interests of our audiences.

We do not accept guest blogs from authors whose sole purpose is link sharing.  We reserves the right to refuse content and remove links and bios from submitted posts.

Submitting and Publishing Articles

We accept guest posts on a case-by-case basis unless some other agreement has been established between m43Gear and the guest author. Please submit a draft of your article that meets to the following guidelines to for consideration and review:
  1. The guest post must be original material written or owned by you.
  2. The post must be between 500 - 1,000 words.
  3. Give credit and site content where necessary.
  4. If we accept your submission, you agree to not publish this post on any other website including your own website or in print.
  5. You certify that you have the legal permission to use any images that you submit with your post.
  6. One link to your own website and one link to your social media profile such as Facebook and Twitter is allowed.
  7. One affiliate link may also be allowed at the discretion of m43Gear.

  1. Submit a quality photo that relates to the post with a minimum size of 640 x 480.
  2. Write a brief author’s biography in 150 words or less.
  3. Provide your profile photo (150 x 150)

Compensation & Fee

m43Gear does not compensate for guest posts.

Upon submission, review and approval, your submitted post will be published at

Article Topics

We accept posts with topics relating to:
  1. Micro Four Thirds cameras, lenses and other related equipment
  2. Photography related news and resource
  3. Other camera technology, products and tips
  4. Press release and product reviews
  5. Any other topics that all levels of photographers may find interesting

Terms and Disclosure

We reserve the right to edit your submission for grammatical, punctuation or spelling.
We reserve the right to edit your submission for readability in our website format
Excessively long posts may be broken into multiple posts at our discretion.
We reserve the right to refuse to publish any works submitted for review for any reasons, which it is not obligated to disclose to the guest author.
We reserve the right to remove any published works by a guest author without prior notice to the author.

Reasons for rejecting a guest article include, but are not limited, to the following:

Inaccurate information or facts
Excessive grammatical or spelling errors
Irrelevance to the blog, its existing content, theme and focus
Product push, marketing speak or sales pitches

By submitting a guest post for review, you are agreeing to the terms contained in this Guest Posting Policy. For questions regarding guest posting, please contact
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